God has led you to this place.

God has led you to this place. This journey is of his design. Each step was to prepare you for what’s ahead. You weren’t ready. You were under bondages and curses that had to be broken. The journey has been hard. The days ahead will be different. You will still face many battles but they will not harm you. Before, you were wounded many times and those wounds resulted in death. Death to your fears, death to your limits, death to your pride, death to your way of thinking. So now there is a totally new man, a man that is able to do God’s will without getting in the way.

It Can Be Hard To Make Friends On Your First Day In Hell

It is so calm. It’s not hot. It’s not cold. It’s not uncomfortable. I’m actually very comfortable. It’s a strange feeling. No strife. No striving. No challenges. No challengers. Everyone gets along. We are all the same. We accommodate. We accept. We settle.

I don’t know how I got here. I don’t know where here is. I don’t remember the journey. I don’t seem to care. It’s all ok. You’re ok. Relax, I’m told. Calm Down.

I don’t feel the pressure or need to change. It’s very comforting to not be challenged. I can’t remember when the pressure went away. I just know it’s not there. I like being me.

I blend into the masses. They have all made the journey. The journey to nowhere. The destination of mediocrity. It’s a small place full of lots of similar souls. We have arrived, yet we never remember how we came. I look for a purpose and realize that’s the past. I try to rally others but I am shunned. I look for direction and realize there is no escape. I have come too far down to ever find up again.

It’s my first day here. It’s the beginning of the rest of my life. It’s a long day. It never ends. I attempt to fit in. There seems to be no place for me here. There seems to be no place for anyone here. It is crowded, but everyone is alone.

I speak to the others. Content can’t be bothered. Pride won’t stoop. Envy despises. Jealousy rejects. Vanity can’t see. Self dominates all. Self smothers all. Self eliminates all opportunity to leave this place.

I dream. I remember. I hear the call. It’s a long ways off. It’s faint. It’s there. It’s my future. It’s being drowned out by my need to compromise.

My dream unsettles me. I’m restless again. I don’t like me again. I want to change. I can’t stay here if I want to change.

Deliver me from this torment called comfort.

Thank you!

A few weeks ago, I received a note of thanks from Don Johnson, the Director of Organizational Partnerships at Filter of Hope. It was addressed to me at Hidden Hunger Global, but it’s really for YOU.

YOU are the one saving children.

YOU are the one empowering families.

YOU are the one creating a movement.

YOU are the one using the power of direct sales in order to make an impact on the global stage.

YOU are Hidden Hunger Global.

So, I want to pass along his gratitude (and mine) to YOU.

Below is the copy of the letter from Don Johnson.

Dear Mr. Morton,

On behalf of Filter of Hope and the dedicated people who serve here, we want to thank you for your partnership to provide life saving, clean drinking water to some of the poorest people on the planet. Studies have proven that every 20 sections a child dies from a preventable water related illness. Because of your generous partnership, those numbers will be changing. Lives will be saved! Real children, with names, and smiles and hopes will now have a future that would not have been possible without your help.

Filter of Hope is committed to bringing clean water to the world but without dedicated partners like Hidden Hunger Global, it’s only a dream. However because of what your organization is doing, dreams will come true. We are excited to see what can take place as Hiddne Hunger provides the information about the filter to your partners. We believe hundreds of people will get involved in this project to save children they will never meet. Your strategy is completely unique and we believe will serve as the new model for charitable giving and social cause related purchased for the future.

We stand ready to do all we can to help make this joint effort succeed beyond our greatest imaginations. We are working with Rachel Zelon to provide photographs, stories and data on how the filters are changing the world, one life at a time. We are excited to provide you with up to date pictures of the filters sponsored through your organization as they are delivered to the desperate people of Cambodia and Vietnam.

If there is anything I can do to serve you in this effort, please let me know. Again, on behalf of Filter of Hope and our entire organization, thank you for what you are doing to change the world, save lives and bring the basic gift of clean water to desperate people around the globe.


Don Johnson
Director of Organizational Partnerships
Filter of Hope


Here is a full copy of the letter that you can download now when you click here.

Image of Filter of Hope Letter to Ruel Morton at Hidden Hunger Global


Nobody Cares

I adore him. He is strong. He never backs down or blinks. He has the answer to everything and everyone admires him. He is brave. He is a real man. I want to be around him. I want to know he is watching me. I need his attention. I imitate him. All I want is for him to give me his approval. I am a boy learning to be a man. Can I ever be the man that I see in my DAD?

I’m a man now, in age. I’m still learning how to be a man in character. I have responsibilities. I make decisions. I have to live with my choices and others have to live with my choices too. I get it right. I’m a success. I get it wrong. What have I done?

He is a hard man. He is not a big talker. He says what he means and he means what he says. He never gives advice. He makes his points with his actions.

I still want his approval. I make my case for my failures, I have plenty of excuses. My excuses are good.

I’m tired, I’m hurt, I tried, everyone’s against me, it’s not my fault, I’m too weak, I’m confused, I’m out of time, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, it’s not fair, why me, I’ll do it later, no one cares anyway, what’s the point, I don’t feel good.

“STOP!” he roars.
“Nobody cares
Nobody cares
Nobody cares if you’re tired.
Nobody cares if your feelings are hurt.
Nobody cares how hard you have struggled.”

He gets louder-
“Everyone gets tired!
Everyone gets hurt!
Everyone has struggles!”

I don’t say anything. I know when I have pushed him too far. My excuses have backfired. He is not pleased with what he has seen in me. He has seen straight through my rants of why it’s not my responsibility and my attempts to say I tried.

He lowers his voice. His softer words are as loud as his shout.

“Son, nobody cares how you feel. Everyone’s tired. Everyone struggles. You be a leader. You go do something.”

In honor of my DAD.

I choose to go and go and go and go.
I choose to do something.
I’m NOT tired!

My Thoughts on Pigs

My thoughts on Pigs
They smell bad
They taste great

My thoughts on Life
It’s difficult
It’s amazing

My thoughts on Business
It’s painful
It’s rewarding

My thoughts on light
It exposes
It heals

My thoughts on me
I fail
I get up

My thoughts on you
You are afraid. We all are.
You matter

Why I Believe in Big Foot

It’s cold, very cold, I’m all alone.

The silence is loud. I can’t see anything. Everything is black.

I know where I am, but I recognize nothing. I sit and wait. The minutes pass slowly. I anxiously await the sunrise.

I pray that the light will push back the dark. I need to see what it is that is in the darkness. I know it’s there. I can see it’s shape. I think I heard it move. It seems big. I am brave.

I know I am brave because my dad told me that I’m supposed to be. I know my dad is near, but he is too far to hear me when I call.

I have my rifle. I am supposed to be quiet, so I can see a deer. My weapon doesn’t comfort me, because I’m surrounded by the dark which is full of things I can’t define.

I’m excited to be out of school for the day. What kid would turn down a chance to miss school or spend the day with their dad? Today I got both.

I rationalize in my mind that what I think is looking at me from the dark must be a tree, maybe a rock, probably just my imagination. My imagination is strong. I can see the shapes, but everything is blurry. My mind tries to erase the blur by telling me what I’ve seen. My mind says that what I see wants to hurt me.

The sun breaks through the trees. It warms me. I can feel it’s heat.

I don’t see the things that were in the dark. They are gone.

Why did my young mind create the monsters? Why did my imagination turn what was blurry into something to fear?

I am now a man and have left my childish fears behind. I don’t see monsters anymore, but I believe in them more than ever now.

My childhood monsters were the results of my mind taking what was unknown and turning it into something to fear. Fear is the unknown. We fear what we can’t control or define.

You may not leave the light on or look under your bed before you go to sleep, but adult life is still full of very real monsters. My monsters are different than when I was a boy, but they are no less terrifying. My monsters want me to be paralyzed in fear. They tell me to trust no one, risk nothing, settle for what you have, don’t stand out, don’t make a difference. They tell me to watch my back and to prepare for failure. They tell me I’m no good. They tell me I’ve made too many mistakes. My fears point out all my flaws. The flaws are real. Fear must be right.

I surrender to them. I am nobody. Years pass. Decades pass. I live for me. I am rich. I am unhappy. Why am I afraid?

The more I hold onto my life, the more I lose it. God speaks. He is unafraid. He tells me to stop fearing. He tells me to let go of what people think of me or who I want to be. What do I have to lose? What am I afraid to let go of?

I’ve tried living my life my way. I refuse to fear anything anymore. I choose to trust my God. He created me. He loves me. He has a plan and purpose for my life.

He is the light that drives away my monsters.

Duty to Strangers

I spent my entire life pursuing my goals. My desires. My future. My legacy. Even my purpose and calling. I learned in business to help those who are producing and creating a result. I achieved. I failed. I struggled for meaning of it all. I earned millions and I was full of pride and self-righteousness. I failed miserably and I was full of shame and self-pity. I fell on my face and prayed to God to save me from myself and my mistakes. I pleaded with God to rescue me from me. I learned a lesson. I am not my own. I am bought with a price. I am a servant. I serve the author of life and I serve at his leisure.

How do I serve him?

Where do I start?

What can I do?

God answers my cries for the meaning of it all in Matthew 25:31-46. This parable of Jesus is my answer. Jesus says that on his return ALL men will stand before him, including me. I will be separated from the crowd as will all men. I will be put to his right or his left. His right is acceptance. His left is rejection. I won’t be separated by my skills, talents, wealth, friends, education, or failure or success. I will be separated by whether I feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and house the homeless. I will be separated by whether I took responsibility for those who needed me.

I have a duty from my Creator to be responsible for those in need. Even those I don’t know. There are 100 million parentless, friendless, children living on the streets of the world. God saved me from me.

I now commit that I am his and I want what he wants. He wants these innocent children, he wants the homeless, the hungry, the sick, and the imprisoned to be important to me because they are important to him.